20 gennaio 2015

The SunComeBack little paper

This is my first text in english posted on The Line.
I'm doing it because it is representative of my real objective of the year (here you can find the fake ones).
Practically I want to learn English because it's never too late, as said the master Manzi.
And how I could join my objective?
In various ways... with Babbel, principally, but also seeing my favourite TV series in english (with italian subtitles for the moment), translating some famous songs from english, reading english books (for example The Little Prince and Sherlock Holmes) and translating the italian songs I usually sing driving in english, as How deep is the see, The Piero's war, Lightblue, The cat and the fox and other ones.
Excuse me for mistakes and for the use of simple words but I bet with myself do not use Gugol Translate or other online help.
And what will say me I shot my target? Which will be the SunComeBack little paper from which it I'll know achieved my objective?
It will be to see an american/english movie in original language, without subtitles, understanding the facts in it happening and avoiding the strong headaches always catch me when I do it now.
At least learning english will help me? This will make my life better?
One never knows.

11 commenti:

  1. Ma bisogna commentare in inglese?
    E chi lo sa se renderà migliore la tua vita, di certo non te la peggiorerà. Oppure si ... non lo sapremo mai.

  2. It depends on the movie: Chronicles of Riddick is quiet easy to understand because of those macho's speeches and its lot of action scenes which need no commentary - something like Carnage or Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind would be more challenging, I guess.

    I apologise for my english, it would need some more practice.

    1. Welcome fellow, I'm thinking to start with those movie I know to hit the finger ("a menadito").
      See you soon.

  3. Non ho studiato inglese ma ho capito tutto lo stesso :)

  4. Sorry but you've lost one follower, and you know the reason.

    1. You gave me a smile, I'd say it was worth it. (in the comments is also valid gugol translate)

  5. Great! The purpose of mastering barbarian languages, I mean; and "master" Manzi too.

    good luck, fellow, and what God taxi driver!

  6. WTF is Babbel?
    I'm an old man.

    poi se vuoi postare un file audio di te stesso che canti la guerra di piero in inglese mi farebbe piacere.

    1. ...but are one thousand little red poppies, papparappaparapapà papparappaparapapà parapapà... (Meanwhile the lyrics)
      Babbel is a damned very well made app che t'impara le lingue a te.


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